Beauty By Jenkins

Luxury Cuticle Mink Lashes 4mm-13mm


Our NEW Luxury Cuticle Mink Lashes by Beauty By Jenkins epitomizes creativity by introducing Keratin into lash extensions 4mm-13mm .12 and .07 for the very first time in the US!

Cuticle lashes contain Keratin; which have a higher cysteine content then traditional lashes, more similar to Real Human/Mink hair. The sulfur atoms on cysteine form disulfide bonds which is an important structure for maintaining the shape of the eyelash. Our Cuticle Mink Lashes are dyed with raw materials resulting in softer lashes that can easily absorb adhesive. Unlike Real Mink hair our Cuticle lashes are not straight adding 2 years of curvature shelf life whereas Cashmere material is only 6 months. Expect each lash thickness to be the same never uneven like Cashmere lashes which are cheaper, uneven, darker, and fluffy(not like real hair). 

All of our Beauty By Jenkins Cuticle Mink lashes come in sizes 4mm-13mm, offer your clients that exclusive Russian Volume technique while also adding 4-6 week retention! Easily removable from the lash strip, Buttery Fans(tape method, pinching method), as well as foil backs for easy placement onto lash tile. Challenge yourself to become a Master Lash artist BBJ BABES!

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